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Privacy Day Survey: Tell CCLA Your Privacy Priorities for 2017

Tell us what you think of Bill C-51

Celebrate Privacy Day with CCLA!

The fictional “clean slate” program sought after by Cat Woman (Anne Hathaway) in Dark Knight Rises would erase all data about her, giving her criminal identity a clean slate. But it’s hard to imagine, on this Data Privacy Day 2018,a program in our real world that could undo or prevent the data damage already done to our […]

Bill 21 – Law Against Religious Freedoms

OVERVIEW HELP FIGHT THE NEW LAW AGAINST RELIGIOUS FREEDOM! A new law in Quebec (formerly known as Bill 21) bans wearing religious symbols such as hijabs, turbans, kippas and crucifixes for many public service employees. Those affected include teachers, judges, police officers, certain lawyers as well as students, children and youth who aspire towards those […]

CCLA v. Waterfront Toronto, et. al: Public Court Documents To Date

June 24, 2019

Amended Notice of Application Affidavit Michael Bryant Affidavit Lester Brown Affidavit Ben Green Affidavit Sean McDonald Affidavit Sara Bannerman Affidavit Zeynep Tufekci