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Know Your Rights Guide: Protesters

Learn more about your rights when protesting.

Know Your Rights Guide: Filming Police

Learn more about your rights when filming the police.

Anti-Black Racism in Canada’s Criminal Justice System

Learn more about Anti-Black Racism in Canada's Justice System.

CCLA Launches Latest Tool to Combat Carding & Racial Profiling

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) today released their next salvo in the fight against…

Advocacy Toolkit

Be the change. Defend your rights.

Protest Rights Guide

Know Your Protest Rights

Mobility Ladder

Understanding your mobility rights, as protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

INCLO Reports

CCLA is a member of the International Network of Civil Liberties Organisations (INCLO),  a network of 15 independent, national human rights organizations from different countries in the North and South that work together to promote fundamental rights and freedoms. We support and mutually reinforce the work of member organizations in their respective countries and collaborate on a bilateral and multilateral basis. We are stronger together, able to help deliver lasting victories, amplify each other’s success and share knowledge, skills, and resources. We are keen on creating synergy with our national efforts on the international stage to the benefit of human rights work that it’s being conducted at both levels.


Protesting During a Pandemic: State Responses During COVID-19

An INCLO issue paper that documents and analyzes protests and state responses that affect the…

In Focus: Facial Recognition Tech Stories And Rights Harms From Around The World

A new INCLO report of FRT stories from around the world flags the risk of…

Unanswered Questions – International Intelligence Sharing

This report builds on a coordinated records access project by INCLO members to their national…

Surveillance and Democracy: Chilling Tales from Around the World

This report offers a ground-level view of some of the ways surveillance, and digital electronic…

Drawing the Line

Tackling Tensions between Religious Freedom and Equality
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