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Canadian Civil Liberties Association, CCLA, is a strong advocate for, and actively works to promote and defend, freedom of expression. With respect to our social media engagement, we are committed to creating an online space where we may share information relevant to CCLA’s work, current events, and our mission, as well as fostering a healthy online space for productive dialogue. CCLA is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On these platforms, the public can engage with CCLA and the information it shares. This policy applies to any of CCLA’s social media pages which includes current and future pages, profiles or accounts associated with and operated by CCLA. It will give public users a guide on how to engage with CCLA and other social media users on its pages, what users can expect fromCCLA, and where users can find more information.

Content Moderation

While CCLA welcomes vigorous debate and discussion on our social media pages, we reserve the right to moderate content posted by CCLA or its users. In particular, we reserve the right to remove content that reasonably amounts to criminal threats or harassment or would likely constitute the promotion of hatred pursuant to the Criminal Code. In addition, we strongly encourage the use of polite and respectful language, even in situations where a user disagrees with posted content and/or the views of other users on CCLA social media pages. We reserve the right to remove comments that use discriminatory epithets or slurs, that amount to sexual harassment or bullying, that incite violence, and still or moving images that depict the killing of people or animals. CCLA is committed to providing information supported by factual, well-researched evidence, however we are not in a position to fact-check every item posted by users. Links provided by users that have been flagged by third-party fact checkers (such as Snopes) as misinformation may be removed from our sites.


CCLA’s sites are open to the public. It is the user’s responsibility to refrain from sharing information that they consider private. CCLA is not responsible for the ways in which the platforms on which we operate may collect, use, or store information. We use a service to collect aggregate information (statistics) about our conventional and social media presence, which does not include personal information.CCLA’s own privacy policy is accessible here. Effective Date: August 5, 2020 Review Date: Annually If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at (416)-646-1404 or at

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