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What are your rights, anyway? Justice Vs. is a podcast put out by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. The podcast explores the landscape of civil liberties and human rights in Canada. We interview activists, lawyers, organizers, and those most impacted by rights violations across the country.

“Justice Vs.” is a podcast about the story of civil and human rights in Canada, and a goal of it is to empower others to realize their own position as activists.

In each episode, host Maria Rio discusses some of the most important civil liberties cases and concepts in Canada. Guests include activists, lawyers, CCLA staff, and other individuals who can shed light on often complex topics.

Thanks to Our Team of Volunteers

  • Arlet Vazquez
  • Hope Arpa Chow
  • Kate Tutu
  • Paul Berry
  • Sae Furukawa
  • Brigitte Pawliw-Fry*
  • Imran Dhanani
  • Leo Ghiran
  • Rachael Bridge
  • Soaad Qahhār Hossain*
  • Eilish Waller*
  • Irene Lee
  • Luke Ryan
  • Rachael Dyal
  • Stella Racca
  • Farid Pesteh*
  • Jeremy Zhang
  • Natalie Sequeira
  • Ren Bangert

* A very special thank you to the Managers of the podcast project. Brigitte and Eilish for Storytelling and Writing, Soaad for Marketing and Communications, and Farid for Audio.

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