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Women’s bodies do not need to be regulated. Women’s choices about their bodies do not need to be regulated. It is the regulation of women, girls and trans individuals – through Regulation 84-20 – that is the problem. Unfortunately, the government of New Brunswick has been fighting against the equality and reproductive freedom of women, girls and trans people for decades.

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Bill 21 is a bigoted law which disproportionately impacts people who are already marginalized. New Quebec laws ban Canadians working as teachers, lawyers, police officers, and more from wearing religious symbols such as crosses, hijabs, turbans and yarmulkes.

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The Listuguj First Nation is located on the Quebec side of the Quebec/New Brunswick border, and the youth of the Listuguj First Nation attend a school on the New Brunswick side of the border called Sugarloaf Senior High School. The Government of New Brunswick is denying students of Listuguj First Nation physical access to their school and the opportunity to learn in a classroom with their peers. 

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