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Our work is more important than ever. We are ensuring that the government’s response to COVID-19 is measured, temporary, and inclusive of all people in Canada. Your gift will support our urgent advocacy of those in prison, those without homes, and other marginalized and oppressed groups. 


We support the protestors

CCLA stands with those who have been taking to the streets and exercising their rights to protest and draw attention to the discrimination and injustice faced by Black and Indigenous people in Canada and the United States. The goals of meaningful equality and state accountability lie at the centre of these protests and, for over fifty years, these have been twin goals that lie at the core of CCLA’s work.

The systemic discrimination that exists in Canada is too often swept under the rug or compared favourably to the seemingly harsher reality that Black people face across the border. But ignoring or minimizing our problems does nothing to solve them. For too many in Canada, racism and discrimination are everyday occurrences.. Some communities do not see the police as a source of protection and service, because for those communities, police has been a force that monitors our lives and communities as if we were all criminal suspects. Our criminal justice system perpetuates and compounds existing discrimination by disproportionately incarcerating Black and Indigenous Canadians. This reality is not new and the time for addressing it is long past due.

We have a long way to go and much work to do. The journey to a truly equal and just society may never be complete, but we will continue to walk that path every day and will constantly be inspired by those, from all walks of life, who step up to fight injustice and speak truth to power.

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