CCLA actively stands up to power by fighting against rights violations, abuse of police powers, inequality, and discrimination. We stand for freedom, equality, and a better future for all people in Canada.

Our Work

Our Work Centres Around Our Five Core Areas

We believe in
Equality - which includes equity, diversity, and inclusion – recognizes that every person is equal in value and worth, and each is deserving of fairness, dignity and rights.
We believe in
Fundamental Freedoms allow individuals and groups to express themselves, to believe and practice what they choose, and to exercise their right to vote.
We believe in
We work to ensure that constitutional rights are respected at every step of the criminal justice system, and that the extraordinary powers conferred to police and criminal courts are used proportionately, fairly, humanely, and only when absolutely necessary.
We believe in
We bring a principled and rights-focused approach to assessing the impact of new technologies and surveillance, in areas ranging from policing methods to people’s public and private lives.
We Believe In
CCLA & CCLET provide free workshops, seminars, and in-class sessions in schools, educational institutions, and faculties of education, educating citizens about their rights and freedoms.

What's Happening Right Now

CRIMINAL JUSTICEDevice SearchesFair Trial, Due Process & SentencingPolice Powers, Use of Force & Police AccountabilityPRIVACYSearch & SeizureUnreasonable Search & Seizure
May 16, 2022

Applying the Charter Outside of Canada

Does the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms apply to the actions of law enforcement agencies when they are pursuing an investigation outside of Canada?
Border TechnologyDevice SearchesPRIVACYTravel Screening
May 16, 2022

Phone Searches at the Border: Bill S-7 Fails to Protect Privacy

Bill S-7, introduced to provide a threshold for device searches at the border, fails to protect privacy by introducing a novel, permissive standard of “reasonable general concern.”
EQUALITYRefugees & Immigration
May 12, 2022

CCLA to Appear Before Supreme Court in Safe Third Country Agreement Case

CCLA has been granted leave to intervene before the Supreme Court of Canada in a case concerning the constitutionality of the ‘Safe Third Country Agreement.'
April 25, 2022

CCLA Response to Federal Government Announcement of Emergencies Act Inquiry

Abby Deshman, Director of the Criminal Justice program for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, made the following statement...

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In The News

April 8, 2022

Toronto Sun: Opinion – Prohibiting demonstrations will stamp out social justice activism

It’s one of the oldest plays in the book — a crisis is followed by new laws that are intentionally broad enough to be applied to just about anybody considered…
Emergencies Act NewsIN THE NEWS
February 18, 2022

Daily Caller: Canadian Civil Liberties Association Sues Government After Trudeau Invokes Emergencies Act

The CCLA is specifically planning to sue over the invocation of the Emergencies Act.
Emergencies Act NewsIN THE NEWS
February 17, 2022

CBC: Canadian Civil Liberties Association to sue federal government over Emergencies Act

CCLA says government's decision to invoke act infringes on Canadians' Charter rights.
Emergencies Act NewsIN THE NEWS
February 17, 2022

The Record: Civil liberties group files suit over use of Emergencies Act against convoy protests

The CCLA says the federal Liberals are invoking the act when the law’s own terms say it shouldn’t be used.

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