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CCLA Intervenes in Court Challenge Against Racial Profiling

CCLA LIVE UPDATES CCLA INTERVENES IN COURT CHALLENGE AGAINST RACIAL PROFILING POUR DIFFUSION IMMÉDIATE  English follows 20 juillet 2021 MONTRÉAL, le 20 juillet 2021 – L’Association canadienne des libertés civiles (ACLC) intervient dans une contestation constitutionnelle, devant la Cour supérieure du Québec, visant à mettre fin à une pratique policière à la source de nombreuses situations de profilage racial.  

CCLA to appear before Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario…

CCLA LIVE UPDATES CCLA to appear before Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in police background checks case June 29, 2021 Thairu Taban and Josslyn Mounsey were hired by Metrolinx as Transit Safety Communications Operators. They had successfully completed their training and had one last step before starting the job – a police background check with

Know Your Rights – Canadian Policing System | CCLA…

Know Your Rights A Citizen’s Guide to Rights When Dealing With Police Know Your Rights When dealing with the police, it is important to know what your rights are. This pamphlet is designed to provide you with information about what you must do, what you do not have to do, and what you may wish

Clearview AI Facial Recognition: A Threat to Privacy |…

CLEARVIEW AI’s “MASS SURVEILLANCE”: FACIAL RECOGNITION & PRIVACY Clearview AI broke Canadian law when it scraped the internet for 3 billion photos of people, including possibly millions of Canadians, created biometric identifiers from those photos, and sold their facial recognition tool to police forces across Canada. It was mass surveillance. It was illegal. These are

Mandatory Vaccination Laws: What Laws?

CCLA LIVE COVID-LIBERTY UPDATES Mandatory Vaccination Laws: What Laws? December 10, 2020 The Charter of Rights would have something to say about a law mandating vaccinations, if such a law arose after the 1982 patriation of our constitution.  It hasn’t.  There are laws requiring public school students to be vaccinated, with exceptions made for medical and

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