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Check out our growing collection of useful links and resources about mental health and disability rigfhts, including related organizations, government resources, guides, and legal information. Is there something that should be on this list, but isn’t? Contribute at talkrights [at] ccla [dot] org.


Disabilities General

Mental Health General

Public Advocacy


Disabilities and Government Support

Services and Support in Mental Health

Responding to Mental Health Problems

Compulsory Treatment

Mental Health and the Police

Guides for the Police

Mental Health and Ontario Law Generally

Legal Assistance and Representation

You may find resources for legal assistance and representation specifically oriented towards discrimination based on disability or mental health below. Further resources for legal assistance and representation for those who may be otherwise unable to afford support may be found here.


Discrimination in Canada is prohibited by human rights legislation. Not all human rights legislation are the same, and some human rights legislation prohibit discrimination in different areas (e.g. federal legislation applies to employees of the federal government, whereas provincial legislation will apply to workplaces generally).

For the reasons above, if you wish to learn about discrimination, you should consult resources that concern specific human rights legislation (e.g. the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act, etc.).

The federal government, as well as the provincial and territorial governments, have all passed human rights legislation. Below you will find information on discrimination and human rights laws relative to the geographical region to which those laws apply.

For more information on Canada’s human rights legislation, see the “Human Rights Legislation” section above.

For more general information on discrimination on the basis of disability or mental health status, consult the “Information on the Application of Human Rights Legislation” section above.


In the Workplace

Ontario General

Ontario, In the Workplace

Ontario, In Housing

Ontario, In Education

Alberta, General

Alberta, In the Workplace

British Columbia, General

British Columbia, In the Workplace

British Columbia, In Housing

Manitoba, General

Manitoba, In the Workplace

Manitoba, In Housing

New Brunswick, General

New Brunswick, In the Workplace

New Brunswick, In Housing

New Brunswick, In Education

New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia, General

Nunavut, General

Prince Edward Island, General

PEI, In the Workplace

Quebec, General

Quebec, In Education

Saskatchewan, General

Yukon, General


Mental Health Generally

Mental Health and Community Treatment Orders



Legislative Reviews

Technical Reports

The Police and Mental Health



Conference Proceedings


Barriers for People with Disabilities

Accessibility and Education

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