Contact your MPP to stop the misuse of the notwithstanding clause

September 12, 2018

Urge your MPP to vote against the Ontario government’s proposed usage of the notwithstanding clause. By misusing an otherwise legitimate constitutional tool, Queen’s Park invites chaos that destabilizes the governance of Canada’s largest city.

The better way is to respect the rule of law, including the role that judges play in limiting the breach of our rights and freedoms.

Michael Bryant, Canadian Civil Liberties’ executive director and general counsel, says that using the notwithstanding clause to cut the size of Toronto City Council has “a chilling effect for anybody thinking about holding this government to account.”

Tell your MPP now that they need to rise to the occasion and defend our fundamental freedoms.

Let them know that you and the CCLA are watching.


1. Find your riding.

2. Find the MPP in your riding.

3. Email or call them NOW.