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Women’s bodies do not need to be regulated. Women’s choices about their bodies do not need to be regulated.

It is the regulation of women, girls and trans individuals – through Regulation 84-20 – that is the problem. Unfortunately, the government of New Brunswick has been fighting against the equality and reproductive freedom of women, girls and trans people for decades.

Countless individuals and groups have been fighting back. Just this fall, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association wrote to the Premier, the Health Minister and the Attorney General demanding they repeal the provision in Regulation 84-20 that restricts coverage for abortions performed outside of hospitals.

As it stands now, under this Regulation, abortions are only covered in 2 cities in the province, so that 90% of women do not have access to abortion in their community. This is particularly troubling during a pandemic when travel outside one’s community is dangerous or even impossible.

This restriction on abortion access is even more harmful to those who are marginalized, who cannot find or afford a private alternative, or who cannot travel to get an abortion due to work, financial resources, childcare needs, or domestic violence.

By restricting abortion access in this way, New Brunswick is violating women’s, girls’ and trans individuals’ fundamental right to make their own choices, to privacy, to safety, and of course, the right to equality. Today – we are marking the beginning of the end.

We need your help. We need you to add your name to the chorus of Canadians who will stand up for choice, and who want the New Brunswick government to know that we will NOT accept this attack on the rights we have fought tooth and nail, for decades, to achieve.

Sign the petition now to stand up to power, defend the Constitution, and send an unmistakable message to the New Brunwsick government: that their law that restricts access to abortion is completely unacceptable and needs to be repealed without delay. 

CCLA to Government of New Brunswick: Reverse Restrictions on Access to Abortion

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