UPDATE: CCLA and ETFO sex-ed legal challenges to be heard in January

November 22, 2018

The hearing for the applications of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario against the repeal of the 2015 sex education curriculum will be heard together.

CCLA had originally secured a date of Sept. 24, 2018 for a hearing before the Divisional Court, but now both applications will be heard on January 9-10, 2019.

The Court has given us a full-day hearing before a panel of three judges.

Both CCLA’s and ETFO’s applications will be heard In January. 



To answer some of your most pressing questions, we’ve put together a new YouTube video with Cara Zwibel, CCLA’s Director of Fundamental Freedoms. Below, she talks about why we are taking on this legal challenge, what the legal grounds are and more. Watch it below!