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Guide Pour Bien Comprendre Le Droit De Vote Au Canada

February 9, 2017

Le droit de vote est sans l’ombre d’un doute l’un des grands piliers de la démocratie moderne. Cette note de recherche permettra d’en identifier la nature et les enjeux contemporains. Dans un premier temps, un rapide survol historique de son exercice au Canada, tant à la période pré-Confédérative qu’à la période post-confédérative permettra d’en cerner l’origine. Dans un deuxième temps, une analyse des textes législatifs provinciaux et fédéraux servira à fixer le cadre légal entourant son exercice. Finalement, les principaux enjeux l’entourant seront abordés à la lumière de l’actualité des dernières années.
Historique du droit de vote au Canada

Combatting Apathy: Why Privacy Matters

February 9, 2017

Our lives are more transparent than ever before. Almost every instance of human activity generates some form of electronic record. Whether it be a purchase, a text message or e-mail sent, or a trip taken, a variety of organizations are following the digital tracks our journey through life inevitably leaves behind. Even a stroll through a busy downtown district is recorded on camera. This is not science fiction,

The Current State of Mental Health in Canada

February 9, 2017

Mental health has long been recognized as a fundamental aspect of one’s health, however under our current health regime the majority of mental health services do not meet the eligibility requirement of “medically necessary.”

10 Key Resources: Canadian Government Surveillance

December 1, 2016

In recent decades, information technology has seen incredible developments. As a result, the surveillance capabilities of the Canadian government have also expanded rapidly. It’s been argued that surveillance practices are outpacing the laws designed to manage them, putting the privacy of Canadian citizens at risk.
If you’re interested in learning more about this crucial topic, here are ten online resources to get you started.

In The News: Personal Health Information Privacy

November 25, 2016

  Want to learn about your rights related to personal health information but don’t know where to begin? Here’s a list of recent publications and news articles to get you started.   General Information and Opinions Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada: What Organization to Contact if you have a Privacy Issue Health Canada: […]

Canada & the UN: Useful Links and Resources

May 19, 2016

Check out our growing collection of useful links and resources about Canada and the United Nations, including our international Missions, government resources, publications and reports. Be sure to visit our main site or see our other Talk Rights articles on Canada and the UN to learn more about CCLA’s engagement with the UN. Is there something […]

Protest Rights: An interview with Alan Dutton

April 12, 2016

Alan Dutton is a retired academic and human rights advocate who taught in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, First Nations and Corrections Canada University transfer programs. He has worked against racism as the National Director of the Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society and as a member of the Government of B.C. Advisory Council on […]

Apply to be a Peer Privacy Protector!

April 11, 2016

CCLA and CCLET are seeking creative and dynamic high school students who have an interest in learning more about technology and its implications on their privacy rights, and are willing to serve as privacy ambassadors in their schools and communities.  In addition to enhancing their knowledge and gaining valuable experience for their resumes, student participants […]

Video: Nothing to Hide? Let’s Talk Privacy!

October 8, 2015

Check out our new video on privacy — because we all wear pants.  

In the News: Biometrics

July 17, 2015

Want to learn about biometrics and privacy, but don’t know where to begin? Here’s a list of recent publications and news articles to get you started.   Articles from the press “Travelling to Canada? You Should Check If You Need Biometric Tests”. 5 Jun. 2015. David Bateman. Toronto Star. “Biometric Data Collection Evolves and Expands in Canada”. […]