Do you have a question about your civil liberties? Read something in the news lately that made you wonder about the state of your rights and freedoms in Canada?  Frequently Asked (Civil Liberties) Questions is a place to come for answers, and includes a tool that allows you to submit your civil liberties questions to the CCLA team.

CCLA is a national, non-profit organization that fights for the rights and freedoms of people in Canada through law reform advocacy on systemic issues. We strive to use our resources to make an impact for the greatest number of people, and those facing the most difficult violations of their fundamental rights and freedoms.

Frequently Asked (Civil Liberties) Questions is a public education and information resource. It’s here to help the public better understand timely civil liberties issues and find high-quality answers to general questions related to rights and freedoms in Canada.

Frequently Asked (Civil Liberties) Questions is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have a legal question or issue that you feel is urgent or that requires the attention of a professional, you may consider contacting a lawyer or an organisation that provides legal support in your community. Information about where to find some of these can be found here.

CCLA is not a government agency or a community legal clinic and does not generally provide members of the public with legal advice or direct legal representation.

The CCLA provides general information on the following topics on our website. This includes not only information about the issues, but also about where you can find resources, make a complaint or otherwise advocate in your community:

We also encourage you to browse previous questions and answers:

For more information about CCLA’s work and our role in the fight for freedom, we invite you to refer to the growing content available on our website.



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Ask the CCLA: I’ve been discriminated against —what can I do?

April 3, 2017

I think I have been discriminated against – at work, or in a store or restaurant, by a landlord or a government body. What can I do? Discrimination is an action or a decision that results in unfair treatment of person or a group for unfair reasons such as their race, age, disability, sexual orientation, or […]

Ask the CCLA: I need resources to represent myself in a legal proceeding

April 3, 2017

I will be representing myself in a legal proceeding. Where can I find resources for self-represented litigants? If you will be representing yourself in a lawsuit, you may find it helpful to search the website of the courthouse that will be hearing your case. Most court websites provide information for self-represented litigants, or links to […]

Ask the CCLA: I believe I have been harassed, what can I do?

April 3, 2017

I believe that I have been harassed on the basis of my sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or another prohibited ground of discrimination, in my workplace, or in a store or restaurant, by a landlord or a government body. What can I do? Harassment on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination such […]

Ask the CCLA: I need accommodation for special needs, what can I do?

April 3, 2017

I have particular needs because of a disability, my religion, or another prohibited ground of discrimination, and I was not adequately accommodated by my workplace, or a store or restaurant, by a landlord or government body. What can I do? Failure to accommodate (to the point of undue hardship) can be a form of discrimination. […]

Ask the CCLA: where can I go for help as a victim of gangstalking?

April 3, 2017

I believe that I am the victim of gangstalking. Where can I go for help? Unfortunately, CCLA does not have the resources to investigate individual claims of gangstalking. As a small organization, we are unable to provide assistance to individuals who are experiencing threats to their health and safety. If you believe your safety is […]

Ask the CCLA: I am incarcerated and believe my rights are being violated

April 3, 2017

I am currently incarcerated and believe that my rights are being violated. What can I do? CCLA has done a great deal of systemic work in relation to prisons and jails (see below). Individuals who believe that their rights as prisoners are being violated, or who believe that their loved ones’ rights in prison are […]

Ask the CCLA: I think my rights were violated at the Canadian border

April 3, 2017

I believe that I was mistreated and/or my rights were violated by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). What can I do? Individuals who wish to make a complaint regarding CBSA’s conduct can access their complaint form here. CCLA has long advocated for the need for more robust oversight of CBSA – you may read some of […]

Ask the CCLA: I have a police record even without a conviction – now what?

April 3, 2017

I have a police record even though I have not been convicted of a crime. I am worried about how this will affect my employment prospects or ability to travel. What can I do? In recent years, CCLA has advocated for significant changes in the police record check system. In particular, our work has focused […]

Ask the CCLA: What are my rights when stopped or searched by police?

April 3, 2017

What are my rights when stopped or searched by the police? In Ontario, Community Legal Education Ontario has produced a resource guide regarding police powers when it comes to stops and searches. This resource is dated September 2016. provides information about legal problems in Ontario. You may wish to browse their information page on police […]

Ask the CCLA: A landlord refused to rent to me, what can I do?

May 19, 2015

A landlord refused to lease me an apartment because of my sexual orientation. Is that allowed? What are my options?