We are fighting the sticker law in court!, CCLA is taking the Ontario government to court for forcing gas stations to put up stickers that we say are nothing less than government propaganda.


Every single day, we choose the information we read and the information we share. What we share expresses our thoughts and feelings about life and how we see the world around us. How we interact with it.


But what if you were forced to share something that you thought was inaccurate or untrue?

What if you were forced to share something, and if you didn’t, the government could hand you a new fine every single day?


We believe you should be able to speak for yourself.

If you believe that too, we hope that you will stand with CCLA and Fill Up On Free Speech by donating the equivalent of what it costs to fill up a tank of gas. CCLA is fighting for all of us, for freedom of speech. Right now we are the only ones fighting this fight in court. When you donate today or become a monthly supporter, you are supporting our fight on this and many more important civil liberties issues.

Small but mighty, CCLA has been freedom fighting for over fifty years,
with a staff of less than ten and an army of Canada’s best lawyers
volunteering their time in the name of fundamental freedoms, equality and privacy.