Taking the fight for inclusive sex-education in Ontario to…

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, thousands of Ontario teachers and activists gathered at Queen’s Park in Toronto to protest the government’s repeal of the 2015 sex-education curriculum.

The message was clear: The 2015 curriculum protects students, informs them of their rights, and, for the first time, recognizes the existence of same-sex relationships and families.

Even if the government wishes to review the 2015 sex-ed curriculum, there is no need to repeal the existing one until such a review is completed.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association was proud to stand with teachers, students and others who are fighting for an inclusive and informative sex-ed curriculum in Ontario.

Last week, we issued a letter to Ontario’s Minister of Education Lisa Thompson, and we have not received a response to it, nor have we received a directive on sex-ed from the government. The repeal is a dangerous and discriminatory act and we will take the fight to the Superior Court of Justice if we have to.


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CCLA stands with the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario and all others who are fighting for an inclusive sex-ed curriculum, free of discrimination.

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has said that it will “vigorously defend” teachers who teach the modern 2015 sex-ed curriculum.

“We will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, we will go to the Superior Court of Justice, and we will stop the (1998) curriculum in its tracks,” says CCLA’s Michael Bryant.


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