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Religion In Canada: A Fundamental Right

Freedom of Religion 101 is a hand guide to religious freedom in Canada. Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, everyone has the fundamental freedom of conscience and religion. Supreme Court cases over the years have clarified what freedom of religion includes, and have helped clarify the concept of freedom of religion in Canada. Read this pamphlet to learn the basics of freedom of religion in Canada.

What You’ll Learn

This pamphlet addresses these questions:

  • What does freedom of religion mean?
  • Why is freedom of religion important?
  • What are the limits to religious freedom?
Freedom of Religion 101
What Is Freedom of Religion?

Freedom of religion is a fundamental right afforded to all people in Canada. According to the court case R. v. Big M Drug Mart Ltd, [1985] 1 SCR 295, freedom of religion protects your right to choose your religious beliefs and to exhibit your religious beliefs publicly without fear of punishment. Freedom of religion also protects you from being forced into practicing or believing in something you don’t want to. Freedom of Religion 101 provides more details on what freedom of religion protects, and why freedom of religion is a fundamental right.

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