CCLA Criminal Record Survey

May 31, 2021

Have experience with a criminal record, record check or the record suspension process? We want to hear from you!!

Do you have a criminal record or police record? Have you tried to get a record suspension or otherwise get the information removed from a record check document?

Please share your experiences here by filling out our survey.

If you prefer to write us an email, instead of filling out the online survey, please send your stories to Abby Deshman, Program Director at CCLA, at at

CCLA is joining with the John Howard Society of Ontario to seek out individuals’ experiences. Ultimately, we would like to use some of the stories we gather to guide our advocacy and public education work around criminal record checks and the record suspension process.

Any personal information you share with us is confidential, and we will not share specific details of your experiences or your personal information without your consent. Should we see an opportunity to use your story publicly in a manner that has the potential to lead to your identification, we will contact you in advance for your consent.

Looking for resources on criminal records checks, the record suspension process, or some of CCLA and JHSO’s work to date? Check out these links:

JHSO’s police record hub – reports, research and resources

CCLA’s page on police record checks – reports and resource documents

If you’re in Ontario – learn about the protections contained in the Police Records Check Reform Act


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