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TORONTO — Anaïs Bussières McNicoll, directrice du Programme des libertés fondamentales de l'Association canadienne des libertés civiles, a fait la déclaration suivante :

It has been reported that, on the evening of May 9, 2024 the Calgary police went to an allegedly peaceful encampment located on the University of Calgary’s campus as part of a student protest movement. Based on published pictures, video recordings and eye-witnesses accounts, the Calgary police, dressed in riot gear, used shields, tear gas and flashbang explosives to disperse protesters. Some arrests were made, and it has been reported that, as a result of the police’s intervention, some individuals sustained injuries and were sent to the hospital. 

These are serious allegations. No police force should use its powers to suppress non-violent speech and shut down peaceful protests. In absence of a threat to the physical safety of individuals, it was the police’s duty to respect protesters’ freedom of expression and freedom to protest. Strong protections for these fundamental freedoms are essential in our democracy. That is particularly the case in the context of university campuses, where the free flow of speech, opinions and debate has been – and should continue to be – encouraged and protected. Supporting expressive freedom should not imply support for – or criticism of – the underlying cause or opinion being expressed. 

The reported actions of the Calgary police towards what was allegedly a peaceful protest raise serious concerns and questions. That is why we demand that a thorough and transparent investigation into the alleged conduct of the Calgary police on the evening of May 9, 2024 be conducted without delay. 

À propos de l’association canadienne sur les libertés civiles
L’ACLC est un organisme indépendant à but non lucratif qui compte des partisans dans tout le pays. Fondée en 1964, c’est une association de défense des droits de la personne qui opère à l’échelle du Canada pour défendre les droits, la dignité, la sécurité et les libertés de toute la population.
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À propos de l’association canadienne sur les libertés civiles

L’ACLC est un organisme indépendant à but non lucratif qui compte des sympathisant.e.s dans tout le pays. Fondé en 1964, c’est un organisme qui œuvre à l’échelle du Canada à la protection des droits et des libertés civiles de toute sa population.

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