Explore current civil liberties issues arising in the news, before the courts, in government and in the streets.


This page includes two great sources to learn more about current issues relating to civil liberties in Canada.

First, CCLA is now excited to include  in-depth breakdowns of new bills and legislation and other new material produced by volunteers, under the heading “Current Issues”.

This space is also the new home of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s longstanding rights and freedoms monitoring blog, RightsWatch. RightsWatch is a joint project of CCLA and Pro Bono Students Canada. Updated and maintained by law students across the country, it compiles local and national news and events regarding basic rights and freedoms in Canada.

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent CCLA or Pro Bono Students Canada’s policies or positions. For official publications, key reports, position papers, legal documentation, and up-to-date news about CCLA’s work check out the In Focus section of our website.

Current Issues

R. v. Spencer: Keeping Your Digital Identity Private

April 13, 2017

Would you want the government to know every webpage you’ve seen? Every Google search you’ve run? Every social media post you’ve clicked? Every file, photo, or video you’ve downloaded? If not, you can thank R. v. Spencer, 2014 SCC 43, 2 SCR 212

Bill 87: Protecting Patients Act, 2017

April 12, 2017

The government of Ontario is currently considering Bill 87: An Act to Implement Health Measures and Measures Relating to Seniors by Enacting, Amending or Repealing Various Statutes, which sounds like a series of pedantic bureaucratic changes irrelevant outside of the medical community. But behind that boring veneer is a threat to privacy worth taking seriously.

Federal Accessibility Law Is in the Works…

December 1, 2016

The federal government has initiated action on the nation’s first accessibility legislation. This legislation hopes to promote the equality of opportunity and increase the inclusion of Canadians who have disabilities or functional limitations.

Rights Watch

Comité sur la violence contre les femmes et les filles à Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador

December 10, 2017
Le ministre de la justice de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, Andrew Parsons, a mis sur pieds un comité qui s’est rencontré pour la toute première fois vendredi dernier. Il s’agit du comité sur la violence contre les femmes...

Le Human Rights Award de Terre-neuve-et-Labrador est remis à Susan Rose

December 8, 2017
Dans l’optique de la Journée internationale des droits de la personne qui doit avoir lieu le 10 décembre 2017, la Commission des droits de la personne de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador a remis, le 7 décembre dernier, le...

Ktunaxa Nation v British Columbia: Freedom of Religion Does Not Extend to “Objects of Belief”

December 4, 2017
  The Supreme Court stated that “the Charter protects the freedom to worship, but does not protect the focal point of worship.” In a split decision delivered on November 2, the Supreme Court ruled that...