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The government of New Brunswick is denying First Nations’ students access to their own school, contrary to its own law


The Listuguj First Nation is located on the Quebec side of the Quebec/New Brunswick border, and the youth of the Listuguj First Nation attend a school on the New Brunswick side of the border called Sugarloaf Senior High School. The New Brunswick government is now illegally denying Listuguj First Nation students access to their OWN high school.

For the first few weeks of September, students were permitted to go to school at Sugarloaf, as they always have. Suddenly, they were told that they were only allowed to “attend” Sugarloaf remotely, and that physical attendance was forbidden. Over 90 Listuguj First Nation students are now being denied access to their own high school.

This is an outrage. Adding to the outrage is that what Listuguj First Nation is being subjected to by the New Brunswick government is contrary to its own emergency order which has an explicit exception for “residents of Listuguj First Nation and Point-la-Croix, Quebec”. If this leaves you, like us, scratching your head or asking “what gives?” – you’re not alone.

If that isn’t confusing enough, the New Brunswick government is allowing school staff who live in the Listuguj First Nation to cross the border to work at Sugarloaf. The New Brunswick Government’s actions would be laughable, except that over 90 Listuguj First Nations’ students now cannot go to their own school, denying them access to the education that their peers in New Brunswick are receiving daily.

CCLA is gravely concerned about this – students are being denied access to their school and the Government of New Brunswick appears to be openly flouting its own laws. On November 4, 2020 CCLA wrote to the Government of New Brunswick with our concerns, and objected to the actions they were taking.

The Government of New Brunswick is denying students of Listuguj First Nation physical access to their school and the opportunity to learn in a classroom with their peers. Add your name to the list to help us stand up to power, and ensure these students are able to attend their own high school. 


Stand up to New Brunswick's Unfair Border Restrictions

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