Meet our 2017-2018 Articling Fellow

September 5, 2017

Victoria Cichalewska first joined the CCLA as a legal intern in 2016 and now rejoined the organization as a 2017/2018 Articling Fellow. She obtained a B.C.L/LL.B. degree at McGill University’s Faculty of Law in December 2015. During her law degree, Victoria translated her academic legal education into practical experience by working with various legal clinics assisting marginalized communities in Montreal, particularly in the areas of housing, welfare and discrimination law. Her interest in social justice also led her to work at Equitas as an Education intern for the International Human Rights Training Program during her third summer of law school. She then refocused her attention on civil liberties issues in Canada during her next summer when she interned at the CCLA, an experience that eventually led to her decision to rejoin the organization as an Articling Fellow. After writing the Quebec bar in 2016, Victoria spent her next six months exploring her interests in criminal law and international justice at the International Criminal Court, where she worked on Bosco Ntaganda’s Defense Team. She is now very excited to be back home and to continue contributing to the protection of civil liberties in Canada during her fellowship at the CCLA.