Materials for Legal Volunteers at Airports and Borders

February 4, 2017

CCLA is part of the Canadian Cross-Border Legal Coalition, a network of Canadian lawyers fighting against the discriminatory impact in Canada–and to Canadian immigrants and refugees–of the U.S. President’s January 27th, 2017 Executive Order, or travel ban. We are collaborating with colleagues in the US and around the world.

The Coalition brings together leading Canadian organizations and groups of volunteer lawyers and law students who quickly came together to oppose the ban and fight for the rights of those impacted. Coalition partners include:

  • The Refugee Hub
  • Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers
  • Canadian Civil Liberties Association
  • British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
  • Dedicated groups of lawyers and law students who have self-organised across Canada
  • Leaders in the Canadian legal community

Please see the Coalition Press Release for more information about our current efforts.

There is currently a hold across the U.S. placed on President Donald Trump’s Executive Order of January 27, 2017, which banned entry to the United States for individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries. This provides a window of opportunity for some affected individuals–those who are holding valid visas, or had valid visas formerly invalidated by the E.O. (unless they were physically stamped cancelled)— to travel. It is unclear how long this window will stay open.

We have consolidated some materials that may be useful to the dedicated Coalition volunteers on the ground, who have mobilized to help those impacted by the Executive Order.

Please note that the Coalition is working to ensure coordinated help is available, provided by individuals who are legally trained and aware of the risks of working with potentially vulnerable people affected by the E.O.

If you are not currently working as part of a Coalition team but want to help, we encourage you to contact for assistance connecting with a local network leader in your area.

Useful Resources

Contact information for the Coalition:

For volunteers, external groups and media:

For individuals affected by the ban to ask for help:

Boston 24 Hour Legal Information Help Line (for advice from the U.S.): 617-903-8943

To register as a Coalition volunteer anywhere in Canada, use this form.

Information for volunteers:

Most links lead to a printable document or form, and we suggest volunteers have printouts on hand.

For now we have these seven items for you:

  1. A Know Your Rights Guide from the International Refugee Project, current as of February 4, 12 PM EST with the best available up to data information about the ruling and how affected individuals should proceed. Please note the recommendation for affected individuals wishing to enter the US is to act quickly!
  2. A short form summary of relevant information about the ban, written by some of our U.S. colleagues based on the preceding Know Your Rights Guide and updated as of 1 pm February 5.
  3. The US Court Order placing a hold on the travel ban2017-02-04 Restraining order
  4. The official website with all of the current case documents relating to the stay including the original order, and filings regarding the appeal.
  5. Documents to collect information from travellers affected by the Executive Order. These standardized forms can be used to collect statements from willing volunteers who consent to provide this information for potential use in strategic litigation efforts. Legal volunteers are responsible for obtaining informed, voluntary consent and providing appropriate privacy and security protection for the completed forms. Completed forms should be submitted by email to the Coalition at
    1. A Short-form Declaration for Travellers affected by the ban.
    2. A Long-Form Declaration designed by a collection of US organisations and the Cover Note that goes with it.
  6. Signs to let people know who you are and what you are doing there:
    1. In English
    2. In Arabic
    3. In Farsi
  7.  Some links that can help provide additional written evidence that the ban is indeed on hold.
    1. U.S. Customs Border Protection declaration
    2. CBC news story “U.S. Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban
    3. Guardian story “Travel ban: U.S. Temporarily suspends Order…”