G8/G20 Summits: Accountability in Policing and Governance

July 7, 2010


Between June 25 and 27 2010, downtown Toronto hosted the G20 summit, the largest political meeting in Canada’s history. Thousands of international dignitaries gathered in the heart of the city to discuss key questions of international importance. Their presence attracted hundreds of journalists and reporters, as well as large numbers of individuals wanting to express their points of view regarding government policy.

In spite of a massive security budget of nearly 1 billion dollars, policing during the G20 summit took an ugly turn as more than 1,000 people were arrested in what turned out to be the biggest mass arrest in Canadian history. It is CCLA’s opinion that Canadians deserve to know why the security apparatus failed to adequately fulfill its role to protect the public’s freedom of expression and assembly, in addition to ensuring the safety of G20 delegates.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has been actively involved in ensuring accountability in policing and governance before, during, and especially after the G20 summit:


CCLA Asks that G8/G20 Security Measures Be Planned And Executed In The Context Of Respect For And Protection Of Fundamental Rights.


CCLA Reports

  • CCLA’s “Breach of the Peace”: A Preliminary Report of Observations During the 2010 G20 Summit.
  • Looking Back, Moving Forward: Two Months After the G20
  • Breach of the Peace: A report into the G20 by CCLA and NUPGE

Reviews and Inquiries

  • CCLA Complaint to the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP
  • Final Report from the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP
  • CCLA response to Final Report from the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP
Office of the Independet Police Review Director
  • Systemic Review
    • CCLA’s initial five complaints to OIPRD
    • OIPRD’s terms of reference for the systemic review into the policing of the G20 Summit
    • CCLA’s submissions to the OIPRD systemic review
    • OIPRD report (May 2012)
    • CCLA response to OIPRD report
  • Individual Complaints
    • CCLA forwards 78 individual complaints alleging G20 officer misconduct
    • Judicial review of mishandled complaints

Independent Civilian Review into Matters Relating to the G20 Summit (“Morden review”, initiated by the Toronto Police Services Board)

Morden Review terms of reference

Morden report

CCLA’s response to the Morden report

G20 Class Action Lawsuit

Statement of Claim

CCLA affidavit filed in lawsuit

Website: http://www.g20classaction.ca/

Toronto Police Service After-Action Report

TPS After-Action Review

CCLA Reacts To The Toronto Police Services’ G20 Report

Public Works Protection Act

Ontario Ombudsman report – G20 Summit: Caught in the Act

CCLA reacts to Ontario Ombudsman report

CCLA Welcomes Repeal Of Abusive G20 Statute But Remains Concerned About Proposed Courthouse Security Measures

LRAD Regulation/lawsuit

Ontario’s Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Review Into The Use of the LRAD

Press release: Ministry’s Review Bolsters CCLA’s Call For Regulation of LRAD


A selection of the most important correspondence and submissions to elected officials regarding G8/G20 governance and policing (updated: January 2011)


Toronto, Nov. 10/11 and Montreal, Nov. 12: Breach of the Peace – G20 Summit: Accountability in Policing & Governance – Public hearings co-
hosted by the National Union of General and Public Employees and CCLA


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Filing a complaint and other resources

List of CCLA correspondence and submissions related to G8/G20 governance

Podcast: CCLA counsel discusses key legal questions around G20
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