Privacy is one of the most contentious rights issues of the 21st century. Some think it’s already dead. CCLA disagrees. We think it’s a right, something people deserve, but we’re going to have to fight to protect it. CCLA’s Privacy, Technology & Surveillance Project was created to address the need for strong legal and political advocacy, effective public education, and an expanded research agenda into existing and emergent privacy issues. 

CCLA has spoken out on a wide range of issues affecting privacy rights, private and public sector surveillance, and the data-hungry technologies that offer us convenience in exchange for information about almost every aspect of our lives, online and off. From smart cars to smart cities, from video surveillance to facial recognition, and from Stingrays to bulk interception of internet communications, technology can make our lives easier, or facilitate a world of watchers. Or both at the same time. 

Privacy intersects with a number of CCLA’s other focal areas, including Criminal Justice, Fundamental Freedoms, and National Security. More information is available under these headings also: