CCLET provides special workshops for both elementary, high school students and teachers to help prepare the next generation of Canadians for civic engagement, explore civil liberties and encourage the development of democratic habits. Check out the links below to explore the many ways in which you can learn more about our workshops and book one for your school.



Looking for a guest speaker or workshop facilitator for your class or student group? CCLET offers fun and engaging workshops for elementary classrooms where children have an opportunity to examine questions of fairness and rights. Using stories, videos, picture books, and lots of questions, CCLET staff members deliver Ontario’s elementary social studies curriculum on rights and responsibilities in ways that require participants to think about the choices made by everyone who lives in a democracy.

To learn more, download a copy of CCLET’s Elementary Program Flyer or watch a short clip of a grade 5 workshop.

To request a workshop for your school or classroom, please submit an online request.

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Would you like a guest speaker or workshop facilitator to help explain the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to your classes? CCLET provides free civil liberties workshops to grade 10 Civics, Grade 11 and 12 Law, English, Social Justice and other social studies classes. Each year we visit upwards of 200 high school classrooms with our special interactive, rights-focused civil liberties program. We help teachers deliver curriculum on law, human rights, and the Charter, using a wide variety of resources including important legal cases as well as stories from the morning news. CCLET’s workshops can be arranged for single classes, keynote addresses, conferences, professional development or full school-events.

To learn more, download a copy of CCLET’s High School Program Flyer.

To request a workshop for your school or classroom, please submit an online request here.

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How do democratic principles apply to the teaching profession? Through CCLET’s interactive workshops, teachers and teacher candidates are encouraged to examine conflicts and controversies for which there can be no perfect solutions – and to actively seek out views that diff†er from their own.

How do we address divergent views on issues such as abortion, capital punishment, LGBTQ rights, creationism and evolution? How far should we extend religious freedom? Can we talk about the conflict between free speech and hate speech? Do we discuss these issues in class or do we avoid them? If we avoid them, what message do we send to our students? If we open the debate, what risks do we take?

To learn more about CCLET’s professional development workshops for teachers and teacher candidates, download a copy of CCLET’s Professional Development Program Flyer.



Do you belong to a seniors’ group, an ESL class, a youth group, a social action committee, or other community group? Do you know what your rights are? Are you a newcomer to Canada who has been told that if you want to complain about things in this country you should return to your country of origin? Do you think that the right to privacy is only important to people who have something to hide? Do you think that expats who are away for more than five years should lose their right to vote in Canada? Are you a permanent resident who wonders why you get to pay taxes but not to vote? If these topics or any others relating to civil liberties are interesting and important to you and to your community group, you may want to have a CCLET guest speaker or workshop facilitator join you for a day, an evening or for a series of seminars. To request a workshop or guest speaker, please submit an online request here.


Weigh in on our next case study: Artificial Intelligence and Public Safety

August 1, 2018

CCLET hopes to keep adding case studies to the Remote Rights site, and we could use some help. Because we know that projects get better when we include a diversity of opinions and engage with other people who care about rights education, we’re trying something new: we’re sharing our latest idea at the conceptual stage […]

June 29, 2018

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is one part of the Canadian Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law of Canada. The Charter sets out those rights and freedoms that Canadians believe are necessary in a free and democratic society.  Some of the rights and freedoms contained in the Charter are:   Freedom of […]

Announcing the 2018 Chernos Essay Contest Winners

June 13, 2018

About the Prize: Each year, CCLET holds a high school essay competition in honor of the late Bernard Chernos, a civil libertarian, lawyer, and lover of lively debate. Students from across Canada are asked to respond to one of three questions dealing with a conflict of Charter rights and freedoms for a chance to win $500 […]