Thank you for supporting the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Education Trust!

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from our donors, members and supporters.

If you don’t find an answer to your question, please contact the donations team at or call us at 416-363-0321 ext. 230.

1. Are donations to CCLA tax-deductible?

Yes! The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is a registered charity (Registration number 754802288 RR0001)

2. How much is a CCLA membership?

CCLA annual membership dues are $75. We offer a special $10 rate for students, as well as sustaining memberships for $150 (Sustaining members are acknowledged every year in our publications unless they wish to remain anonymous).

3. What are the benefits of a CCLA membership?

When you become a member (or renew your membership), you become a proactive part of civil society. Your voice is heard. And you help strengthen CCLA’s voice as a watchdog and advocacy organization. The more members we have, the more effective we are. Members of the CCLA are also able to participate in the Annual General Meeting.

Members receive special rates and discounts for all CCLA events across Canada; receive our annual newsletter NewsNotes in December and the Annual Activities Report in the fall and have the option to receive our daily News Links. To become a member, click here!

4. Are donations to CCLET tax-deductible?

Yes. The Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust is a registered charity (Registration number 106844384 RR0001). The Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust (CCLET) is the public education arm of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

5. What is the difference between CCLA and CCLET?

CCLA was incorporated in 1964. CCLET was created by CCLA as its charitable educational research arm in 1967. CCLA is focused on litigation, civil liberties monitoring/research and advocacy, while CCLET engages in public education, including speeches, presentations, op-eds, as well as delivering programmes in schools and faculties of education. The two organizations share staff and resources.

6. I donated to CCLA or CCLET, but have not received my tax receipt yet. How can I get a copy?

If you donate to CCLA or CCLET using our online form, you are able to request that a PDF tax receipt be emailed to you directly. If you select “mail me my tax receipt”, you will receive it within a month.

If you donate to CCLA or CCLET by mail but would like to receive your (PDF) tax receipt via email, please contact us. Otherwise, you will receive your tax-receipt in the mail within a month.

Monthly donors to CCLA or CCLET: you will receive a year-end cumulative tax receipt for all your monthly donations in January for the previous year (e.g. for your donations from January to December 2014, you will receive a tax-receipt by February 2015). (Please note: automated email confirmations are not official tax receipts)

For 2014 donations: If you have not received your tax-receipt by the middle of February, please contact Rayna Fletcher ( or 416-363-0321 ext. 230) to request a new copy.

7. I would like to make a donation in honour of someone. Is this possible?

Yes. If you are donating online, you can fill out the fields corresponding to honour donations. If you donate by mail or over the phone, please make sure to let us know the honouree’s name, if you want them to be notified, a message for the honouree and the best way to reach them. Please contact Rayna Fletcher ( or 416-363-0321 ext. 230) for further information.

8. I am a monthly donor to CCLA. Does this mean I am a member?

We are pleased to extend membership benefits to monthly donors whose cumulative donations equal at least $75 per calendar year ($6.25/month to CCLA). Please contact us to check your donation amount.

9. I donate monthly by credit card. May I donate through my chequing account instead?

Yes. Please contact us at or call  416-363-0321 ext. 230 in order to modify your monthly donation.

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