Discrimination, Listing and Profiling

The issue

The conflation of groups of individuals with security threats is undemocratic and results in serious harms to individuals. Discrimination, racial profiling, and mistaken listing of innocents on No-Fly lists does nothing to keep us safer, and undermines our constitution and democratic principles. 

Today innocent individuals – including in some cases children – have woken up to find themselves on terrorist watch lists in a manner described by one Federal court Canadian Judge as waking up to a “Kafkaesque nightmare”, in which you don’t know the charges against you and don’t have any clear way of fighting back.

We believe everyone should be able to be a part of society without being discriminated against or profiled due to their skin colour or ethnic origin. We work tirelessly to defend marginalized groups and individuals facing this kind of threat by fighting for proper legal safeguards, accountability and oversight of powers.

Racism is systemic, and we strive to change the system to promote equity for all people in Canada.

Even children fall victim to racist practices and policies in Canada

Our recent work


Because of the support of our donors, we were able to fight racial profiling at the highest court in Canada and win.

Tom Le and four of his friends were sitting in his backyard when police walked in. Tom is Asian, and his four friends are all Black. The officers went to the house, saw no wrongdoing, walked through the gateway without warning, consent, or a warrant. The police then proceeded to ask the racialized men questions about themselves, including asking for ID.

In May 2019, the Supreme Court rendered a monumental decision recognizing that police carding in a private backyard constitutes arbitrary detention, a violation of the Charter and a breach of the accused’s right to be free from unreasonable search or seizure.

Tom’s story is not unique. we will continue to fight for people like tom and for equity.