CCLET in the Schools

December 14, 2017

CCLET’s Teaching Civil Liberties program brings engaging speakers into Faculties of Education, where teacher candidates learn strategies for encouraging civic engagement and critical thinking about rights and freedoms in their future classrooms.  With roughly 2,000 prospective teachers participating in this program each year — many of whom will go on to teach hundreds of students over the course of their careers — the potential impact of this program in fostering a respect for rights and freedoms in Canada is significant.

CCLET’s Director of Education, April Julian

Wow, what a fantastic presentation! I was very interested and engaged in all  of the discussions we had today! It is so very important to teach children about their rights. I had my rights violated when I was younger and didn’t know them. Informing ourselves and others can help prevent this. It led me to question topics I had never considered. This has given me life-long lessons. I love what you’re doing. This is my first experience with your organization and I have been given a fantastic impression by your instructor April Julian.”
– B.Ed. Student – Brock University

Students were engaged and interested in talking about “fairness”. We really enjoyed your presentation. It would be great to have you back for a part-two!
– Grade 3 teacher, High Park Alternative Junior School.

I really liked arguing with my classmates about issues in Canadian law. Teachers do need a good understanding of law in order to act professionally under any circumstances. These lectures should be taught frequently and in more public settings.
– B.Ed student – OISE U of T, Law and Ethics Course

She really had us engaged through the whole presentation and really listened to our opinions and thoughts. The material was very informative and really opened my eyes and sparked an interest. It had a significant impact on me and how I will act and what I will do in my future career and decisions. Absolutely great workshop!
– B.Ed. student – University of Ontario Institute of Technology

I was very pleased with the level of student engagement and participation. Students were very interested in [the] subject matter and told me that they found it very interesting and useful as a complement to our Civics course. Emma was a wonderful facilitator. She was very knowledgeable and extremely personable. She communicated information in a very clear, informative, and interesting way. I learned a lot as well!
– High school teacher – Iroquois Ridge High School, Toronto

The students were inspired by, and highly engaged in April’s workshop. She promotes great discussion and thoughtful interactions. April ensures that the content of the workshop is entirely relevant to the students’ learning. She is very familiar with the needs of our B. Ed. students and relates the content to their future role as teachers. April’s workshops are important to our B. Ed. program and we appreciate her excellent contributions to our students’ development.
– Law and Ethics Instructor, Trent University Faculty of Education