CCLA Supports Toronto Police Chief Recommendations For Issuing Receipts, With Some Concerns And Additional Recommendations

November 14, 2012

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association will be addressing the Toronto Police Services Board today, with respect to Chief Blair’s report entitled “Issuing Receipts to Persons who are Stopped by the Police.”  The report comes out of a response to the Toronto Star series on racial profiling and carding, and is an attempt to address these issues.

In its submission, CCLA will endorse as a positive and important step the Chief’s recommendation to issue receipts to people about whom a contact card has been made, but will have further recommendations concerning how and when police may (and may not) stop, question, and record information about members of the public.

CCLA will also support the recommendation of the Chief to issue quarterly reports on this topic, but again will have further recommendations concerning these reports.

Finally, CCLA will submit that while these two recommendations are important steps towards addressing racial profiling and other policing practices, further steps will be required including:  adequate monitoring, accountability and oversight mechanisms, recourse, community consultations, and more.

To read CCLA’s submissions, click here.