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Supreme Court Finds a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in Shared Computer

December 13, 2018

Teddy Weinstein Articling Fellow     In a decision released today in R v Reeves, the Supreme Court ruled that each Canadian has a reasonable expectation of privacy in their computer, even if they share it with others, under section 8 of the Charter. This decision is a great victory for citizens’ privacy rights. […]

Federal Government’s Election Reforms Fall Short

December 11, 2018

Rob De Luca Director of Democracy and the Rule of Law Program         Yesterday, the government passed sweeping new legislation that will govern the 2019 federal election. Many of the changes are necessary and will go significant lengths to increasing engagement in the Canadian electorate. The legislation reduces barriers to voting […]

Police and Pot: Let Them Smoke, Vape, and – Yes – Eat Cake (or Brownies!) Too

December 7, 2018

Abby Deshman Director of Criminal Justice Program         Police leaders are violating the civil liberties of their own ranks and perpetuating a culture of fear and prohibition when they place what comes close to a blanket ban on cannabis use by off duty police. If they can drink beer on their […]

Auditor General to Toronto’s Smart Cities: Not So Fast

December 6, 2018

Brenda McPhail Director of Privacy, Technology & Surveillance Project         Ontario’s Auditor General this week took a provincial agency to task for its role in a Wall Street Sci-Fi plot that’s sadly true. The characters for Toronto’s version of a futuristic, digital Smart City were not as smart as they ought […]

10 things that will still be a crime after cannabis is legalized

October 16, 2018

The cannabis industry is being legalized – but there are still plenty of laws that can criminalize recreational cannabis users. Here are ten new crimes that will come into effect on October 17th.