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Act for Freedom 2017: Jasmine Akbarali

May 1, 2017

Jasmine Akbarali JUSTICE OF ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT, FORMER PARTNER AT LERNERS LLP WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? Accountability is easier to understand than to define. Consider: is it a shield or a sword, and in whose hands? Is it a means or an end; an idea or a mechanism? Accountability operates at all levels […]

Act for Freedom 2017: Lisa Borsook

May 1, 2017

Lisa Borsook EXECUTIVE PARTNER AT WEIRFOULDS LLP WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? As one of the first female managing partners in the Canadian legal industry, I knew my role had an added degree of visibility from that of my predecessors. I knew that I would be accountable in a more public way for the […]

Act for Freedom 2017: Jim Bronskill

May 1, 2017

Jim Bronskill CANADIAN PRESS REPORTER AND JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATION INSTRUCTOR AT CARLETON UNIVERSITY   WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? Vigilance is essential to preserving civil rights. Constant watchfulness is also key to ensuring liberties are respected as our society evolves. In this, there is a vital role for the media. While basic rights are […]

Act for Freedom 2017: Roberta Bondar

May 1, 2017

Roberta Bondar O.C., O.ONT., FRCPC, FRSC PHYSICIAN, SCIENTIST, PROFESSIONAL FINE ART LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER, CANADA’S FIRST FEMALE ASTRONAUT AND THE FIRST NEUROLOGIST IN SPACE   WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? Given that Canada encompasses a land and water mass that is second largest on the globe, Canadians are accountable to the world for the treatment, […]

Act for Freedom 2017: Ben Makuch

May 1, 2017

Ben Makuch CANADIAN NATIONAL SECURITY REPORTER FOR VICE NEWS   WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? To me and many other reporters, holding governments accountable for their decisions is still what drives true reporting. Key to my version of accountability is to go into places where you, the reader or viewer, can’t go, to find […]