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Act for Freedom 2017: Frances Waithe

May 1, 2017

Frances Waithe EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF DARE EVERY SOUL TO ACHIEVE (DESTA), ADVOCATE FOR YOUTH IN MONTREAL   WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? ACCOUNTABLE LEADERSHIP: Individuals and government are accountable and responsible for making Canada a civil, just, and equal place for us all. We must also acknowledge past histories of atrocities against particular people […]

Act for Freedom 2017: Katherine Govier

May 1, 2017

Katherine Govier AUTHOR, DIRECTOR OF THE SHOE PROJECT   WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? A strange word with the ring of coin. To whom is a writer accountable? Do on our rights of freedom of expression allow us to fly alone with only our imaginations to guide us? I believe we are accountable to […]

Act for Freedom 2017: Yavar Hameed

May 1, 2017

Yavar Hameed HUMAN RIGHTS AND CIVIL LIBERTIES LAWYER AT HAMEED LAW WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? When I started my own law practice in 2004, I naively asked myself what could I do personally to address widespread structural problems of human rights violations in Canada? The reality is that the work of resisting rights […]

Act for Freedom 2017: Dennis Edney

May 2, 2017

Dennis Edney CRIMINAL AND HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? 1. It is an accepted fact that the world today faces grave challenges to the rule of law and human rights. 2. Previously well-established and accepted legal principles are now being called into question, in all regions of the world, through what […]

Act for Freedom 2017: Jasmine Akbarali

May 1, 2017

Jasmine Akbarali JUSTICE OF ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT, FORMER PARTNER AT LERNERS LLP WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? Accountability is easier to understand than to define. Consider: is it a shield or a sword, and in whose hands? Is it a means or an end; an idea or a mechanism? Accountability operates at all levels […]