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Bill 21 – Law Against Religious Freedoms

OVERVIEW HELP FIGHT THE NEW LAW AGAINST RELIGIOUS FREEDOM! A new law in Quebec (formerly known as Bill 21) bans wearing religious symbols such as hijabs, turbans, kippas and crucifixes for many public service employees. Those affected include teachers, judges, police officers, certain lawyers as well as students, children and youth who aspire towards those […]

National Security: Get It Right!

bill c-59: Get It right! What is Bill C-59 and why is it so important? This is a landmark moment for national security law in Canada. In June of 2017, the federal government introduced the most comprehensive overhaul of Canada’s national security laws in at least thirty years: Bill C-59. CCLA strongly believes in the […]

Supreme Court of Canada

Act for Freedom 2017: Pro bono lawyers

May 2, 2017

For more than 50 years, CCLA has been Canada’s national civil liberties organization, working closely with dedicated pro bono lawyers from across the country to intervene in and argue cases at all levels of court. CCLA would like to thank the following lawyers who have given their valuable time and expertise to work with us on […]

Act for Freedom 2017: Roberto Martella

May 1, 2017

Roberto Martella OWNER OF GRANO RESTAURANT, FOUNDER OF THE GRANO SERIES   WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? Diritti e doveri, Italian for rights and responsibilities, characterizes how I feel about citizenship. So-called “Canadian values” are not stagnant and Canada’s psyche continues to undergo significant development as we grow into a more diverse and global […]

Act for Freedom 2017: Linda Bertoldi & Bill Bogart

May 1, 2017

Linda Bertoldi SENIOR PARTNER AT BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS LLP Bill Bogart PROFESSOR OF LAW AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR   WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN TO YOU? There are many elements of a robust civic society: a vital one is accountability. The exercise of any power brings with it the need to be accountable. Governments must […]