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Drawing the Line: Tackling Tensions Between Religious Freedom and Equality

The International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO), of which the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is a member, released a report that addresses tensions between freedom of religion and equality rights and proposes resolutions to those tensions in three areas: LGBT rights, reproductive rights, and religious appearance. The report draws on the expertise of INCLO’s members across five continents in analyzing cases where religion and equality claims have competed in the courts.

Set Up To Fail: Bail and the Revolving Door of Pre-trial Detention

This report explores serious issues with Canada's bail system. On any given day in 2012/2013, approximately 25,000 people were detained in Canada’s provincial jails. Over half of them were in pre-trial custody – legally innocent and waiting for their trial or a determination of their bail. Canada’s jails have not always looked like this. The remand rate has nearly tripled in the past 30 years, and 2005 marked the first time in Canadian history that our provincial institutions were primarily being used to detain people prior to any finding of guilt, rather than after they had been convicted and sentenced.

Take Back the Streets

Repression and criminalization of protest around the world.

LGBTQ Rights in Schools (CCLA and CCLET)

An Information Guide for Students, Allies and Teachers.

Breach of the Peace

What Canadians witnessed during the G20 summit in June 2010 in Toronto was a sad and dark moment in Canada’s history. The largest mass arrests in Canadian history were carried out with a flagrant disregard for human rights and civil liberties as well as the basic rule of law. This report explores these events.