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The government of Quebec is banning Canadians working in those professions from wearing religious symbols such as crosses, hijabs, turbans and yarmulkes.

We think that’s unconstitutional. The Quebec government is forcing their politics on all Quebeckers by forcing people to dress contrary to their own private beliefs. This law discriminates against people currently working in the public sector, and the youth who aspire to those careers. These people are being mistreated by their provincial government, so we are fighting the government of Quebec in court. This bigoted law harms immigrant and racialized communities in particular.

It unfairly targets people who express their faith through what they wear. People should not be forced to make the choice between their religion, their identity and their profession. The government should not be allowed to impose their beliefs on the people of Quebec, nor should they be dictating to individuals what they can and cannot wear. The women who choose to wear scarves, hats, and turbans should also have a right to freedom of expression and religion, and to make their own choices without government interference, like all people in Canada.

Bill 21 is unconstitutional, harmful, and discriminatory. Add your name to help us stop it.

Say No to Quebec's Bill 21

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