Alan Borovoy Conference

About the Conference

Former CCLA General Counsel, Order of Canada Office, and life-long activist Alan Borovoy contributed creativity, eloquence, and unstoppable force of will in the pursuit of social justice in Canada. For 40+ years, Alan grappled with Canada’s most pressing social issues, from the marginalization of Indigenous people, to police misconduct, to attacks on free speech.

For over 20 years, the CCLA/CCLET’s Borovoy Conference have immersed youth in explorations of concepts former CCLA General Counsel Alan Borovoy held dear — rights, freedoms, and critical thinking. Each conference feature a diversity of speakers including legal and Charter of Rights and Freedoms experts, community leaders, and activists, and cover cutting edge civil liberties and equality issues.

Participating students come away with sound understandings of balancing competing rights, countering injustice, and advocacy strategies. They will have also met and spoken with the people making positive social change and holding up the civil liberties barriers in their communities and across the country.

Offered in Toronto each year and in other provinces as per demand and opportunity.

CCLET is able to go to provinces outside Ontario thanks to the generosity of longtime supporter and partner of Alan Borovoy, Myra Merkur.

2020 conference - November 30th - December 3rd

For the first time in its 24 year history, CCLA’s annual Borovoy Conference took place online from Monday, Nov. 30 to Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020. Over 800 students and teachers from across the Toronto and Durham District School Boards had the opportunity to attend virtual workshops focused on the theme of anti-racism, and led by incredible speakers who are shining a light on systemic issues in Canada. 


Keynote: What I Learned From My Independent Reviews of Policing in Ontario
The Honourable Mr. Justice Michael Tulloch 

Defunding the police: What does it really mean?  
Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, University of Toronto; and Michael Bryant, CCLA Executive Director and General Counsel 

Racial Profiling – A Discussion About Your Rights, Your Concerns, and Your Ideas for Change
Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, CCLA Equality Program Director

When Innocence is not Enough: Wrongful Convictions
Stéphanie Nowak, Director of Education, Innocence Canada

The Violence Inherent in the System: How Racial Inequalities and Colonial Violence Shape our Criminal “Justice” System
Quinn Saretsky, Executive Director, The Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitoba

Invisible Islamophobic Violence in Schools and Workplaces
Sanaa Ali-Mohammed, Member, Board of Directors, Urban Alliance on Race Relations

To Surveil and Predict: Human Rights Impact of AI Predictive Policing in Canada
Cynthia Khoo, Principal Lawyer at Tekhnos Law and Research Fellow at The Citizen Lab

Sharing Stories: Past, Present, and Future
Randall Okita, Book of Distance Filmmaker and Artist

Canada’s ‘Dreamers’ Need Immigration Protections Too!
Sarah Pole, Founder & Project Lead, Childhood Arrivals Support & Advocacy Program, Justice for Children and Youth

Food without Freedom: The Precarity of Migrant Farmworkers in Southern Ontario
Gabriel Allahdua, Organizer & Former Migrant Farm Worker; and Shane Martinez, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Pro-Bono Counsel
Justice for Migrant Workers (J4MW)

Fact or Fiction: How Misinformation Divides Us
Cara Zwibel, CCLA Fundamental Freedoms Program Director

Youth Movement Committee
Josianne and Youveline, Youth Activists

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