Legal Volunteer Opportunities

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association invites applications for the following summer opportunities. Law students and law graduates are welcome to apply.

**Please note: Our summer legal volunteer and articling recruitment processes are distinct. Summer legal volunteers who may be interested in articling at the CCLA will have to apply through our regular articling recruitment process – which is subject to CCLA’s receipt of funding for an articling fellow.*

Applicants should be aware that these positions are strictly volunteer opportunities for which the CCLA does not offer compensation of any kind.  However some volunteers obtain external opportunities (including fellowships, funding, or course credit through their law schools). 

Volunteer spaces are limited and highly competitive, and the organization gives priority to those volunteers who have or are in the process of obtaining external opportunities. 

Legal Volunteer Role
CCLA will host several legal volunteers this summer. Volunteers engage in substantive legal work supporting CCLA’s ongoing advocacy efforts in civil liberties and human rights. Volunteers work closely with the organization’s Program Directors on a variety of projects. The work involves legal and policy-based research and analysis, as well as monitoring human rights and civil liberties issues. Other activities may include developing materials for the public on current issues, organizing events, assisting in the preparation and running of CCLA’s (2-week) summer camp, and assisting in the development of advocacy letters, legislative briefs and litigation materials. 

CCLA and our volunteers benefit from a certain amount of stability, predictability and consistency in scheduling. Many volunteers choose a 4-5 days per week schedule. We are also happy to work with successful candidates to design a flexible schedule that will suit volunteers and accommodate their other obligations, such as paid employment – however we ask that volunteers commit to at least 16 hours per week, and a minimum of 8 weeks during the summer. 

Summer legal volunteer opportunities are open to law students and law graduates. Applicants should be reliable, well-organized and self-motivated, with a demonstrated interest in civil liberties, human rights, and public policy. Strong writing and legal research and analysis skills are essential. Personal or professional experience working with non-governmental organizations is highly desirable. Bilingualism and the ability to read and write professionally in French is a strong plus.   

CCLA is an equal opportunity organization, and is committed to diversity and inclusiveness in its practices. As such, if you are a member of a marginalized group, we invite you to self-identify. 

Instructions for applying are below. However if you are seeking or have obtained an external opportunity, please scroll down for the Special Instructions including different requirements and deadlines. 

TO APPLY for a Summer Legal Volunteer Position 

Please create one pdf with the following documents in this order: 

  • Resume 
  • Cover letter 
  • Reference letters, if any (these are not required, but up to 2 will be accepted). 
  • Law school transcripts 

The regular application deadline is 10 AM on Thursday, February 11, 2021. 

Please send your application package to: volunteer[at] with the subject line: “Summer Legal Volunteer 2021” 

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS for students seeking fellowships, internships, and other external opportunities: 

Many students who volunteer with CCLA are able to obtain funding, fellowships, course credit, internships, or other external opportunities through their law schools or other outside sources. Many of these external opportunities have their own application requirements, including the support of CCLA for your application, and sometimes a project proposal or statement of interest. Please note that CCLA may choose to support more than one applicant for a particular fellowship. 

If you are seeking or have obtained such an external opportunity – 

Please create one pdf with the following documents in this order: 

  • Resume 
  • Cover letter 
  • Reference letters, if any (these are not required, but up to 2 will be accepted). 
  • A document entitled “External Opportunity” that includes the following information:
    • Name of the fellowship, internship, etc; 
    • Required time commitment at CCLA – How many weeks’ volunteer work? Part-time or full-time? Approximate start and end dates if known. 
    • What you require from CCLA for the purpose of your application (e.g. a letter of support, sign-off on a project proposal) 
    • Application deadline for the external opportunity 
  • A one-page draft of your project proposal or statement of interest,* if required as part of your external opportunity application. 
  • Reference letters, if any (these are not required, but up to 2 will be accepted) 
  • Law school transcripts 

* If the external opportunity you seek requires that you include a project proposal,  statement of interest, or something similar, please contact Noa Mendelsohn Aviv (mendelsohnaviv[at] in advance for a list of possible projects and instructions for the purpose of preparing your one-page draft.  

If your external opportunity deadline is on or before March 1st, 2021, please ensure that we receive your completed application to CCLA by 10 AM on Tuesday, February 2, 2021.  

 The deadline for all other applications to CCLA is 10 AM on Thursday, February 11, 2021.  

Please send your application package to: volunteer[at] with the subject line: “Summer Legal Volunteer 2021 & External Opportunity”. 

If you are a law student or lawyer seeking to volunteer outside of our summer recruitment process or with an urgent question, please contact Noa Mendelsohn Aviv at mendelsohnaviv[at] 

For other volunteer opportunities  please click here. 

Please note: volunteer[at] is not monitored outside of our summer recruitment period (January – March). 

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