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2012 Summer Series



Within the pages of CCLA Newsnotes, the Association celebrates its achievements, stakes out its position on key issues, and announces its ambitions for the months ahead. CCLA members receive this newsletter in the mail, but past issues are available below:



 Cover of Take Back the Streets report “Take Back the Streets”: Repression and criminalization of protest around the world. Download.
LGBTQ Rights in Schools: An Information Guide for Students, Allies and Teachers. Download.
Presumption of Guilt? The Disclosure of Non-Conviction Records in Police Background Checks. Download.
G20 Toronto: Breach of the Peace Public Hearings. Download.
Know Your Rights Know Your Rights When dealing with the police, it’s important to know what your rights are. CCLA has put together a manual to help you know what you must do, what you do not have to do, and what you may wish to do in situations involving the police. Download.
Act for Freedom Act for Freedom We are pleased to present the Act for Freedom/Au nom de la liberté, a showcase of some of the issues that the Canadian Civil Liberties has been focusing on over the past years. 

2010 – Download
2011 – Download
2012 – Download

English translations of Khadr à la Cour Suprême: comment arriver au bon résultat a l’aide du’un raisonnement valable (page 20) and Khadr (page 24) can be read here: Khadr articles in English.

Education Canada. Vol. 46, #4, Fall 2006. p. 31. Talking to Strangers: Making Distinctions
by Danielle McLaughlin 
Education Canada 46.4 (Fall 2006): 31. Download.
Education Canada. vol. 45, #1, Winter 2004. p. 33 – 35. Cultivating the Habits of Democracy: Asking the Hard Questions
by Danielle McLaughlin Education Canada 45.1 (Winter 2005): 33-35. Download.
FOOFF_eng The Fundamentals of our Fundamental Freedoms: a primer on civil liberties and democracy
by A. Alan Borovoy Download.
FOOFF_fr Les fondements de nos libertés fondamentales: l’abc des libertés civiles et de la démocratie
par A. Alan Borovoy Le téléchargé.
The King of Denmark and the Naked Mole Rat: Teaching Critical Thinking for Social Justice
Presentation by Danielle McLaughlin
Watch the full-length video of the conference.
Section 1 of the Charter & the Oakes Test
by OJEN 
The Charter Project The Charter Project is a public education and awareness campaign about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which has its 30th anniversary on April 17, 2012. Managed by University of Windsor Law student volunteers, Charter Project’s education tools include public service announcement style videos featuring Canadian celebrities, and substantive filmed interviews with legal pioneers, members of Canada’s judiciary and other prominent Canadians. The team prepared Charter-themed education workshops for high school students. They are among the interactive and educational Canadian Bar Association Law Day 2012 activities.