CCLET Bernard Chernos Youth Democracy Challenge

What does it mean to be an informed and participating citizen in a democratic society? How many times each day do you hear and see things around you that prompt you to say (or think) “that’s not fair”? Well, now you have the chance to do something about it!

The CCLET’s annual Chernos Youth Democracy Challenge is open to high school and elementary school students across Canada. In memory of the late Bernard Chernos, a civil libertarian, lawyer, and a lover of lively debate, a prize of $500 and a copy of Uncivil Obedience by A. Alan Borovoy will be awarded to the student whose action plan demonstrates a true understanding of informed and active citizenship by using peaceful and lawful tactics to address an important issue. An additional contribution of $250 and a copy of Uncivil Obedience will go to the department of the teacher submitting the entry.

For more information on how to participate, download the student flyer by clicking on the thumbnail below.  Download the Contest Checklist for useful tips to help make your advocacy project a success.

Student Flyer

WNF Contest Checklist


Click here to read about the 2013 contest winners and visit for other examples of youths advocating to address injustices they faced.


Attention All Teachers:
This challenge is a great pre-packaged project! Consider assigning it in your classes and submitting the best ones to our competition.