Click HERE to access CCLET lesson plans that can be used by teachers to engage students in critical thinking about important social justice issues. 

That’s Not Fair! is a series developed by the Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust to invite kids, ages 7 to 11, to think critically about what it means to live in a democracy. Visit to access animated videos, online games, and lesson plans.

For more information about the That’s Not Fair! series, download the flyer here.

Click 2014-07-11 LGBTQ Rights in Schools - CCLA and CCLET FINAL.pdffor our information guide to LGBTQ rights in schools, designed for students, allies and teachers.

Click HERE for an interactive Prezi in which young learners are introduced to CCLET's Acorn test in a format that is suitable for children aged 12 and under.

Click HERE to see an interactive explanation of CCLET’s Acorn test, a simplified (mini) version of the Supreme Court of Canada's Oakes test. (Suitable for ages 12+)

Is it fair to place age limits on voting rights? Click HERE to apply CCLET's Acorn test to help you decide.
CCLET List of Recommended Children’s Books
Click HERE for a list of children's books, each with guided questions, that the CCLET has used successfully in elementary school classrooms to introduce and explore various issues around rights and freedoms.

CCLET and want to know what your child REALLY thinks!


CCLET and  have teamed up to launch a new webpage to help parents engage their school-aged kids in the basics of civic education.

CCLET's Director of Education Danielle McLaughlin explores important civil liberties issues affecting youth and educators in her Huffington Post Blog found HERE.
FOOFF_eng The Fundamentals of our Fundamental Freedoms: A primer on civil liberties and democracy By A. Alan BorovoyDownload The Fundamentals of our Fundamental Freedoms
FOOFF_fr Les fondements de nos libertés fondamentales: l’abc des libertés civiles et de la démocratie par A. Alan Borovoytéléchargé Les fondements de nos libertés fondamentales
The King of Denmark and the Naked Mole Rat: Teaching Critical Thinking for Social Justice by Danielle McLaughlinEducation Canada 52.1 (Winter 2012): 6 - 9.
Education Canada. Vol. 46, #4, Fall 2006. p. 31.

Talking to Strangers: Making Distinctions by Danielle McLaughlin

Education Canada 46.4 (Fall 2006): 31.

Download Talking to Strangers: Making Distinctions

Education Canada. vol. 45, #1, Winter 2004. p. 33 – 35.

Cultivating the Habits of Democracy: Asking the Hard Questions by Danielle McLaughlin

Education Canada 45.1 (Winter 2005): 33-35.

Download Cultivating the Habits of Democracy: Asking the Hard Questions

The King of Denmark and the Naked Mole Rat: Teaching Critical Thinking for Social Justice

Presentation by Danielle McLaughlin

Watch the full-length video of the conference here

Click HERE to access The Charter in the Classroom: Students, Teachers and Rights, an online learning object created by the University of Ontario Institute of Technology to teach students about the Charter. Students and teachers can access interviews, case studies and interactive games to help them understand and explore key sections of the Charter.