CCLA Seriously Concerned About Allegations of CSEC authorized NSA Spying During G20

Last night, CBC reported that the most recent revelations from Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowden allege that  Canada allowed the US National Security Agency  (NSA) to conduct ‘spying activities’ on Canadian soil during the 2010 G20 meetings.  These allegations are seriously concerning to the CCLA.   If the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) authorized the [...]

CCLA Concerned About Detained Journalist Mohamed Fahmy

CCLA is seriously concerned about the detention of Mohamed Fahmy in Egypt.  Mr. Fahmy is a Canadian citizen and a journalist.

We commend the Canadian government for providing consular assistance, and for highlighting the rights to freedom of expression and the need to protect journalists.  Both Canada and Egypt are state parties to the International Covenant on [...]

CCLA joins multi-organization claim against UK's Tempora spying program

In late fall 2013, CCLA joined the American Civil Liberties Unions, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties , the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, in making an application to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal UK, under Section 7 of the Human Rights Act 1998, with respect to Tempora  (the United Kingdom’s [...]

Sukanya Pillay: When it comes to the U.S. border, don’t put trade ahead of privacy

This op-ed was originally published in The National Post, January 3rd, 2012.

While most media reports (including several in this paper) have focused on the economic gains that will potentially result from the new Beyond the Border agreement recently signed by Canada and the United States, privacy concerns should be paramount in the minds of Canadians.

It [...]

CCLA Respectfully Marks the Passing of Nelson Mandela

CCLA respectfully marks the passing of Nelson Mandela, a man who spent his life dedicated to equality, to justice, to human rights, freedom and true democracy.   Nelson Mandela was an honorary citizen of Canada, and was –and no doubt will be for generations to come — an inspiration to all throughout the world who [...]