CCLA Writes an Open Letter to Quebec Premier Pauline Marois

Read CCLA’s letter to Premier Pauline Marois on the proposed Quebec Charter of Values here.  Read the French version here.

Proposed Quebec Charter of Values Would Violate Fundamental Rights

The CCLA is deeply disturbed by the proposed Quebec Charter of Values introduced yesterday by the Quebec government.  The proposal includes a prohibition on public servants wearing overt or conspicuous religious symbols, including teachers, staff in hospitals and daycare workers.  It would also require that individuals have their faces uncovered when seeking or providing a […]

Quebec religious symbols ban: CCLA responds

The Quebec government announced yesterday that, under its proposed Charter of Values, “overt and conspicuous” religious symbols and religious garments would be banned from public service offices.

This would mean no burkas, turbans, hijabs, and other such religious wear permitted amongst those providing or receiving service in schools, courts, daycares, and other government-run workplaces.

Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, director of […]

The Quebec religious symbols ban: CCLA discusses the risks

News broke this week that Quebec’s Parti Quebecois government has proposed a ban on religious symbols in all government buildings.  This would include hospitals, schools, and publicly funded offices. As a highly-respected voice on rights and freedoms in Canada, CCLA shared its views on the issue with the national media.

Supreme Court of Canada Upholds Hate Speech Provisions

The Supreme Court of Canada has rendered its long-awaited decision in  Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission v. William Whatcott, et al. and upheld the constitutionality of hate speech provisions in the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.  The CCLA had intervened in the case to argue that the section – s. 14(1)(b) – is unconstitutional under section 2(b) of the […]