CCLA Highlights Problems with Proposed 'Fair Elections Act'

CCLA recently appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs to convey our serious concerns about Bill C-23: Fair Elections Act.  The Bill proposes to make a number of changes to the Canada Elections Act which will make it harder for some people to exercise their constitutionally-protected right to vote. [...]

Trouble registering to vote in Quebec? Let us know

CCLA is very concerned about reports coming out of the province of Quebec that individuals, particularly students, are facing barriers in registering to vote in the upcoming provincial election.  Media reports suggest that people who are eligible to vote have been turned away when registering on the basis that they could not establish their domicile [...]

Quebec's Ethics and Religious Culture Curriculum Once Again Before the Supreme Court

CCLA has been granted leave to intervene in Loyola High School, et al. v. Attorney General of Quebec.  This case, scheduled to be heard by the Court on March 24, 2014, is the second time that the Court will consider an issue related to the province of Quebec’s Ethics and Religious Culture (ERC) curriculum which [...]

CCLA Concerned About Detained Journalist Mohamed Fahmy

CCLA is seriously concerned about the detention of Mohamed Fahmy in Egypt.  Mr. Fahmy is a Canadian citizen and a journalist.

We commend the Canadian government for providing consular assistance, and for highlighting the rights to freedom of expression and the need to protect journalists.  Both Canada and Egypt are state parties to the International Covenant on [...]

Proposed Elections Law Raises Serious Democratic Concerns

On February 4, 2014, the Canadian government introduced Bill C-23 in Parliament.  The Bill, also known as the Fair Elections Act, would substantially amend the Canada Elections Act – the law that spells out in great detail how to exercise the right to vote, how elections are administered, how campaigns may fundraise and spend, and what constitutes an election [...]