On January 30th, Prime Minister Stephen Harper introducedBill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015. The Bill amends the Criminal Code, the CSIS Act, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and several other pieces of legislation.   Generally speaking, the Bill permits more latitude for greater information sharing between government agencies, lengthens the time for preventive detention, permits police […]

CCLA Mourns Passing of Eddie Greenspan

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Edward Greenspan, one of Canada’s most celebrated lawyers and a long time Board member and Vice President of CCLA.

Over the years Mr. Greenspan represented the CCLA on many occasions, and was passionately committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of all.  “He […]

CCLA Calls for Press Access to Omar Khadr

We understand that for two years, members of the press have been denied requests to interview Omar Khadr, by Correctional Service Canada.  At the same time, many statements about Mr. Khadr have been made by government officials to the media.  The Toronto Star, CBC, and White Pine pictures have filed an action for judicial review […]

CCLA Reacts to SCC Ruling in Harkat

The CCLA has reviewed the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, released today in Minister of Citizenship and Immigration et al v Harkat, (“Harkat”).

CCLA had intervened in this important decision considering the constitutionality of the current Security Certificate regime. CCLA focused its arguments on the communications structures permitted — or more to the point, […]

CCLA Seriously Concerned About Allegations of CSEC authorized NSA Spying During G20

Last night, CBC reported that the most recent revelations from Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowden allege that  Canada allowed the US National Security Agency  (NSA) to conduct ‘spying activities’ on Canadian soil during the 2010 G20 meetings.  These allegations are seriously concerning to the CCLA.   If the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) authorized the […]