Upcoming Event: Food In(Security) Panel Discussion at York U

Food safety is increasingly becoming a concern in Canada. As indicated by numerous Canadian polls, consumers are concerned about food safety and consider safe food to be an important food quality. Although Canada is respected around the world for its progressive food safety rules, those rules are not always enforced as they should be. As a result, Canadians must push to stay informed and not let food safety be the “forgotten issue” in Canada.

Join us at our panel discussion to learn more about food safety issues and be an informed consumer!

WHAT: Food (In)Security Panel Discussion
WHERE: 1152A Vari Hall (VH), York University, Keele Campus
WHEN: 2:00pm





Debbie Field, Executive Director, FoodShare

Debbie Field became Executive Director of FoodShare in 1992, and has helped build FoodShare into Canada’s largest food security organization. She believes passionately in the healing power of food, and the ability of food to strengthen communities and bring people together. For this discussion, Ms. Field will be discussing how the human right to food was achieved through subsidizing basic healthy food.


Sukanya Pillay – Director, National Security Program, Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Sukanya Pillay is Director of the National Security Program at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and an international human rights lawyer.  She has made dozens of missions to conflict zones worldwide in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East; appeared before UN treaty bodies and Canadian courts on human rights issues; and has represented clients or presented expert evidence before administrative and judicial bodies in the US, India, Canada, and Europe. For this discussion, Ms. Pillay will briefly elaborate on the connection between international human rights and food.


Professor Claudio Colaguori, York University

Claudio Colaguori lectures in Sociology and Social Science at The University of Toronto and at York University. His current research interests include crime, media and the new authoritarianism, wrongful convictions and human rights and the agonistic configurations of culture. For this discussion, Professor Colaguori will be addressing the issue of food consumption as a form of corporate biopower.


Delon Omrow, PhD Candidate, York University

Delon is a PhD student at York University.  Delon’s previous areas of study include contemporary green criminologies, ecological citizenship and indigenous movements, and community environmental policing. For this discussion, Mr. Omrow will be discussing food safety issues from a “green” criminological point of view.


Professor Livy Visano, York University

Dr. Visano is an award-winning Professor of Criminology specializing in critical criminology, critical legal studies, cultural criminology, youth, and ethnographies. Professor Visano will be the moderator for this discussion.