CCLA Supports Call For A Public Inquiry On Police Actions During Quebec Protests

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association joins 50 other organizations in calling for a public inquiry on police actions during the Quebec student protests. “Student associations, human rights groups, trade unions and affinity groups are coming together to avoid that one of the biggest police crackdowns in the history of contemporary Quebec falls into oblivion. Disappointed that the multiple requests for investigation have remained unanswered, these organizations – representing tens of thousands of people – are now challenge the Premier of Quebec,” a press release from La Ligue Des Droits et Libertés reads. “The organizations reaffirm that only a public and independent inquiry will shed light on the causes of the repression occurred during the student strike and prevent it from happening again.”

CCLA supports this call for police accountability in Quebec.

>> To read the press release (in French), click here.

>> «Un traumatisme collectif», article from Le Devoir, November 14, 2012

>> Des groupes réclament une commission d’enquête sur les opérations policières, article from La Presse, November 13, 2012