CCLA Urges Release of Auditor General's G8 Fund Report

The CCLA is asking the Auditor General to immediately release her final report on the G8 Legacy Infrastructure Fund or provide it to the Speaker of the House of Commons.  In its letter to the Auditor General, CCLA urgers her to reconsider her position that the report cannot be released while Parliament is not sitting.  

The CCLA respects that, as an Officer of Parliament, the Auditor General is bound by the language of the Auditor General Act, but believes that, in light of the exceptional events that have taken place, the Act is being interpreted in a manner that is too narrow.  The confusion created by leaks of the various drafts of the report must be addressed and releasing the final report is the only way that this can be achieved.  Release of the report is also necessary for meaningful expression on the functioning of government which is a right that stems from freedom of expression protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Releasing the final report is particularly important in an election period, as voters have a right to information that will assis them in making an informed choice at the ballot box.

A copy of the CCLA’s letter to the Auditor General can be found here.