The actions of the government and the police during the G20 Summit demonstrate the need for answers, accountability, and action.  The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) is calling for:

1)      An independent inquiry into the actions of the police during the G20, including:

  • The dispersal of protestors at the designated demonstration site in Queen’s Park late afternoon, Saturday June 26th;
  • The detention and mass arrest on the Esplanade on the night of Saturday, June 26th;
  • The arrests and police actions outside the Eastern Ave. detention centre on the morning of Sunday, June 27th;
  • The prolonged detention and mass arrest of individuals at Queen St. W. and Spadina Ave.  on the evening of Sunday, June 27th;
  • The conditions of detention at the Eastern Ave. detention centre;

2)      Repeal or amendment of the Public Works Protection Act to meet basic constitutional standards; and

3)      Law reform to ensure that the Criminal Code provisions relating to “breach of the peace”, “unlawful assemblies”  and “riots” are brought in line with constitutional standards.

If you share our concerns and want your voice to be heard, send your name and email address to us at  We will add your name to our list and, when we have 5,000 signatures, forward it to the federal and provincial governments.